With traditional herbs to treat kinds of internal medical problems ,such as gastric issue, insomnia, coughing and so on. 利用传统经方治疗各类内妇科科疾病

Good way to release the body pain, such as cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, Headache, knee pain, ankle sprain ,tenosynovitis,trigger figure, Plantar fasciitis and so on.And for stroke(stroke sequelae), facial paralysis, insomnia and other internal medicine issue, acupuncture also have take good effect.一种很好缓解痛的治疗方式,例如,颈椎病,腰部问题,头痛,腿痛,踝扭伤,腱鞘炎,弹响指,足跟痛等疾病。对于如中风(后遗症),面瘫,失眠等内科疾病,针灸也可起到非常好的治疗作用。

Base on TCM Meridian and acupoint ,  It’s a traditional and safe way to release body discomfort and improve health condition.

以中医经络穴位为基础, 中医推拿是传统而安全的舒缓疼痛,增进健康的治疗方式。

Good way to treat spinal problem such as spondylosis, scoliosis , disc prolapse and so on. 通过脊柱矫正术治疗各类颈椎腰椎问题。

A treatment through some manipulation to adjust dis-positioned bone joint and then relax muscle and release the pain. “骨正筋柔”,通过中医正骨推拿手法来恢复错位的关节和脊柱。从而放松肌肉,缓解疼痛。

Natural way to treat pediatric common diseases, such as fever, common cold, coughing, rhinitis, anorexia, constipation,diarrhea, night sweat and so on.Also, for general health promotion,regular pediatric massage can prevent disease and promote health. 一种很好的小儿常见疾病自然疗法,通过小儿推拿,可以很好的治疗如发烧,感冒,咳嗽,鼻炎,厌食,食积,便秘,腹泻,自汗,盗汗等问题。并且,通过经常性的小儿推拿保健,能够很好促进健康,开发智力,预防疾病,增强体质。

Through the way of cupping or scraping , can help body to get rid of damp or wind, and reduce the chances to suffer from kinds of problems.


With special made Chinese herb stick, the heat working on the acupoint and meridian help to stimulate body energy, treat kinds of body problems and prevent some kind of illness.

利用特制艾灸条, 所产生的热作用在人体穴位和经络上帮助刺激身体能量,达到治病防病的作用。

Can help to improve skin condition, including dry skin or acne scar. And also help on facial lifting .

Help to reduce the facial wrinkles and prevent aging face.

帮助改善面部皮肤, 包括皮肤干燥,痤疮疤痕等问题。 同时,能够有助于面部提升, 减少面部皱纹,延缓皮肤衰老。