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    Paediatric Tuina is a form of external TCM therapy which stimulates specific acupuncture points or areas to manage and prevent common ailments in children. In the recent years, Paediatric Tuina has gained popularity especially among young parents due to its effectiveness and safe application. Besides its therapeutic effects, Paediatric tuina also encourages parent-child bonding and improves a child’s emotional well-being.

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    Acupuncture is a Chinese Medical technique that has been established for thousands of years.

    Involves the insertion of extremely fine needles at strategic points on our body.
    It is almost painless.

    Aids in regulating vital energy (qi) flow in our body.
    Benefits of Acupuncture
    – Helps reduce headaches and migraines
    – Improves chronic pain, including for the back, neck
    – Help treat insomnia

  • $42.00

    TuiNa is the origin of almost all modern form of massages.
    The intent of TuiNa is to treat and relieve specific muscular and skeletal injuries or aches.
    -Reducing the pain of neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs and ankle disorders.

    -Very effective therapy alleviation of the stress related disorders like insomnia, constipation, headaches.
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